Inside Bravery…

by chelseawattsny

Thank you all for being a part this adventure with me. It’s so wonderfully rewarding, encouraging and downright fun to read your comments and to feel you Love and support. I am enjoying Thailand immensely and have already made some wonderful friends here who I’ll be hanging out with over the weekend. Then Monday it’s back on the road and into Myanmar – a country I know little to nothing about and am excited to experience face to face. I also love that so many of you are encouraged by me marching into what is for me unknown territory.  That said, I also want to share with you my experience of what it’s like to be brave: “Sometimes I’m afraid a about the journey ahead, especially some of the territory I’ll be traveling through where violence is a part of people’s everyday lives, but I also feel that as each one of us faces the fear in our own life – whatever that may be – we inspire others to do the same.” I wrote this to my friend Val earlier this morning and I’m sharing this with you all because I want you to know that I do feel fear, and I also have faith – faith that Love, not fear, is the building blocks for everything in existence. Where I go, I go with open eyes, an open mind and an open heart – and that for me is bravery. If you feel so inspired, please share an act of bravery that you’ve taken this week the comments section. If love to hear your stories – and I have a good feeling that they’ll add fuel to own fire!

I Love You Guys