Me as a Completed Work of Art…

by chelseawattsny


“I seem to go in this cycle of experiencing myself growing, expanding and creating and then “suddenly” realizing I’m stagnant…does that happen to anyone else out there? One minute you feel like your climbing Mt. Everest and the next moment it’s like you woke up from a dream that you were climbing Mt. Everest but in actuality you’re still at home in your pjs? This week I had one of those sudden wake up moments in the form of a though: I am my own masterpiece. The moment I had that thought I started to picture what I would be like when I was a “completed” masterpiece, and I thought well…I’ll split my time making great films and traveling all over the world, and I’ll speak at least six languages (English, French, Italian, Russian, German, and Mandarin to start) so that I can make friends from all over the world as I’m traveling and better understand the world from their perspective…and, I thought, I’ll be in excellent physical condition (I’m not gonna lie, I look pretty damn good right now but watch me try to run a mile and you get how little looks have to do with your actual overall health) because I’ll be the kind of person that hikes Mt. Kilimanjaro to see the view or surfs a 50-foot wave because it sounds like fun…and I’ll be one of those people who could whip up a gourmet meal using only what they find in a 19-year-old college kids dorm room…oh! AND I’ll be one of those people whose so incredibly real and self-expressed that it’s exciting just to be around them because they break all the “rules” and you never know what they’ll do or say. Yeah! That’s me as a completed work of art! Beautiful!”

Above is an excerpt from a post that I started a couple months ago and never completed. Well, I may not have posted this but I’ve certainly been living it. As I write this it’s a quarter past 3 in the morning, I’m listening to The Civil Wars and relaxing on my bed…in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Yep, Thailand. In the last week I sold or gave away everything I owned that didn’t fit into a hiking backpack, I bought a one way ticket to Bangkok and hit the road on an adventure around the world. This is without question the experience of a lifetime.
Until now I’ve been posting about my experiences on FB and now I’d like to open this experience up to as many people as possible; one, because my experiences are enriched through sharing them with others and two, because it was others sharing their adventures with me that inspired me to follow my heart and embark on this adventure which has been until now a lifelong dream with little chance of seeing the light of day.

I imagine I’ll have more to share in the coming days and weeks but for now I wanted to invite you to join me on this journey. And please, feel free to catch up with my most recent posts on FB:

In Love,