Mastering Failure…

by chelseawattsny

For the last few years I have steeped myself in transformative learning. I have read countless books, attended seminars, hired a private transformation specialist to coach me and lived my life as an ever-evolving experiment: my own personal vote for how life can be on this planet. Through it all I’ve had some amazing experiences and insights, yet somehow I feel that I’ve come to the end of the line in this process, or rather this plane of the process. I no longer feel like input and consideration is what’s needed, but rather action is what is called for now. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t been totally inactive for this entire time but my action has been in service of my inquiries and discoveries; the action of probing and testing out if you will. Now is the season of consistent action and of persisting through failure rather than purely following “the path of least resistance” or what feels to be my highest flow moment to moment. This is the season of trial and failure and then trying again; of taking actions not because they necessarily feel good but because they bring up an edge that wants to be crossed. Now is the season of risking it all and learning to FAIL, because on the other side of mastering failure is the freedom to soar.

So here are some actions I am taking this week:

I am meeting with my agents: my commercial agent to nurture our existing relationship; my voiceover agent to encourage them to star sending me out on auditions; and my theatrical agent to nurture our relationship, discover what I can be doing to make their job easier and suggest projects that I would like to be submitted on.

I am meeting with a fellow actor and friend to discuss starting a production company and our first project.

I am meeting with two different people to discuss possible employment leads: one as a restaurant manager and the other as the owner of an Internet franchise business. 

I am applying for at least four jobs.

I am writing a short story or screenplay in the genre of science fiction.

I am singing, playing guitar and writing new music for one-hour everyday.

I am doing something active (like running, roller-blading, biking or yoga) everyday. 

And I’m singing at an open-mic night.